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Management Skills Online provides the best management and Business English knowledge, focusing exclusively on selected groups.

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New & Experienced Managers

We can help you grow your skills in management and leadership and enhance your performance to exceed corporate expectations.

Business Professionals

We can help you increase your workplace skills & communication effectiveness to be more successful in the global market.

University Students
& Graduates

We can help you prepare for an international career and sell yourself better in the world of business by communicating more effectively.

Our offer

What do we offer?

Managers’ Academy

Your best choice: our live online programme provides a firm foundation in management and leadership, combines theory with practice and gives you a chance to discuss application issues to aid implementation. Topics are tailored to the needs of business professionals working in the global market.

Business English

Your key to success - whatever stage your career is at! Improve your Business English further through our practical online sessions and enhance your chances to build fruitful business relationships and achieve the best deals in negotiating with your foreign counterparts.


About the founder

Hi, my name is Adrienne Makkay-Chambers, I am a seasoned international trainer, management consultant and coach with 25+ years’ experience from 25 countries.

I am here to help you.

Over the past decades I have worked in the professional services industry and have been in management positions in different organisations. I know exactly what challenges you have, as I also had to face them day in and day out.

In my role as a trainer and consultant, my aim has always been to develop people’s potential. I have trained hundreds of new managers and professionals in management and leadership skills, so I know from personal experience what your problems may be. My methods are tried and tested and can lead to drastic results in your future performance.

I have gained qualifications in English, Human Resource Management and Development as well as coaching, worked in the UK as an EFL teacher and university lecturer and also as a management consultant and trainer across and outside Europe. I am a member of the British Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).



Results we helped to achieve:

Brigitta Balla
Brigitta Balla
Vice.President, Financial Institution
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"I got a lot of practical tips on a variety of management issues during the webinars which I can use on a daily basis, and they work well, such as motivating staff or giving feedback. Thank you, Adrienne, for the journey and for sharing your incredible experience during our virtual discussions! "
Annamária Varga
Annamária Varga
CEO, Commercial Company
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“It’s always been fun to participate in the MSO webinars, - they are highly engaging, informative and leave room for practical discussions. As a result of implementing some relevant management practices learnt here, our team has started to communicate more effectively and staff morale has increased noticeably.”
Edina Balogh
Edina Balogh
Key Account Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company
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“I have enjoyed Adrienne’s English classes greatly: her sessions always have an inspiring atmosphere through combining the day-to-day practicalities of learning with the long-term professional applicability of the knowledge. As a result of attending her online courses I have developed more confidence in communicating in business scenarios, have broadened my vocabulary and increased my fluency considerably.”
Tamás Péntek
Tamás Péntek
Finance Director, Global Media Company
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“It has always been a pleasure to work with Adrienne. Her professional approach helped me a lot to solve any issues that has arisen when leading people. As a result of participating in her webinars I have gained insights into a broad range of management issues and have become a better person understanding and valuing other people’s motivations. The online programme gave me flexibility to organise my diary in a more efficient manner, saved time on logistics, while keeping all the values of personal meetings.”
Gabriella Sashegyi
Gabriella Sashegyi
Marketing and Sales Manager, International Pharmaceutical Company
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“I am very pleased with the online Business English tuition I have received from Adrienne: her classes have a lively and relaxed atmosphere, so learning is a lot of fun! I feel that attending these classes has boosted my confidence in speaking English in a business environment and drastically improved my skills in work-related correspondence. I need Business English to advance my career and these classes have supported my development considerably.”
Eugene Boyko
Eugene BoykoSales Manager, Manufacturing Company
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"This online training provided me with a lot of new information and created an excellent framework for things I had already known about management. As a result of the course I've changed some practices in my work and have started to focus more on people’s issues which has improved team collaboration considerably. The course also helped me see some aspects of management in a new light and has given me confidence in doing things differently! The atmosphere of the sessions was pleasant."

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