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put your learning into practice

Learn from examples, not from boring texts…

Most business people have realised that the lack of relevant experience, the lack of appropriate vocabulary and the lack of sufficient confidence in the use of English does not make a good impression on their counterparts or help conclude a deal successfully, whether it relates to business negotiations, a job interview or an investment deal.

Maybe you know people in who can get by with the kind of English where saying ‘Yes, okay’ is sufficient, but it is fairly clear that in the world of international business you need to perform at a high level of English to gain more recognition and earn a higher income. You need to learn to speak proficiently and apply your language skills to real scenarios.


New & Experienced Managers

Business Professionals

University Students

If you feel your English has become rusty and you haven’t refreshed your knowledge for some time, you may rightly worry about attending English language meetings, dread answering the phone in English or be afraid of saying the wrong things in an international conference. And the situation only gets worse if you further neglect developing your Business English.

A lot of people try relying on a few simple phrases or sentences learnt many years before, but, alas, business partners can sense the lack of confident language skills, so frustration and loss of face is inevitable.

This is not a usual English language training.
This is a course where you can learn to reach business results.

How can our course improve your business English communication?

It will help you:


New & Experienced Managers who and need a solid foundation in Business English,

Business Professionals who want to communicate convincingly and University Students who want to start their careers with confidence.

Anyone at an intermediate (B1) or upper-intermediate level of English (B2) interested in developing their skills further to C1 level in the area of business

Forget about feeling worried before meetings...

As a result of our training you will learn to communicate with more confidence, give more effective presentations, convey your messages clearly on the phone and you will be able to forget the stress and the frustration you felt before.

Your learning will help you gain much higher recognition in your field of business, and, thus, help you reach higher levels of success.

By the end of the training you will have developed advanced language skills in the following areas:

Communicating across the organisation
Communicating with clients

Managing projects

Culture and change
Problem-solving and decision-making

Motivation and performance

The training provides...

… a real-life scenario relating to each topic discussed. This way you will be able to learn words and communication patters which are used frequently in everyday business situations, and can put an end to stumbling and hesitation.

Our excellent teachers and our training approach based on 25 years of experience will help you put an end to uncertainty. We’ll teach you the key aspects of refined business communication which you can rely on in your negotiations with confidence.

You also deserve the benefits of proficiency

People always appreciate a sophisticated style, so you can easily make a good first impression by speaking English in an accomplished manner. Earn more respect, acquire a better position and increase your level of income by mastering you English to a high level with us!

Our Business English training programme covers a fifteen-week period with 2 x 90-minute sessions per week, making the overall programme 30 x 90 minutes. We recommend the same amount of self-study hours to achieve the desired level. (Self-study is based on incorporated e-learning tasks.)

The six modules cover a twelve-week period and each module includes 4×90-minute sessions, i.e. 2×90 minutes per week, making the overall programme 24×90 minutes.

Each learning unit consists of reading, listening and writing tasks as well as speaking exercises, such as discussion and presentation opportunities to allow participants to practise their speaking skills. The writing exercises aim at refining skills in composing e-mails, summaries, etc.

The learning process is interactive and inspiring: you can raise your questions during the live sessions, – your questions will be answered during the class or in the extra Q&A sessions once a week.

Participant numbers are set between four and six in order to give everyone sufficient opportunity to practise their English during the sessions and maintain a familiar atmosphere within the groups.

Scroll down to register for the programme at the bottom of the page.
Individual classes can also be booked if required.


Thirteen Weeks of Tuition
(at the value of EUR 399.99)

During the thirteen weeks of the course (in 2 x 90-minute sessions per week) we’ll help you overcome your uncertainties and develop confident communication skills to enable you to meet the challenges of any business scenario.

Weekly Live Q&A
(at the value of EUR 39.99)

Should you leave the classes with any unanswered questions, you can obtain clarification by joining our weekly Q&A sessions.  Raise your questions to clarify any remaining doubts!

An Individual Consulting Session
(at the value of EUR 49.99)

To help you achieve your business goals more successfully, we offer you a one-hour tailored consulting session during the programme. Additional sessions are available at an extra fee.

Membership of Facebook Group
(at the value of EUR 29.99)

You can gain membership of our Business English Facebook Group during your studies where you can share your views and receive useful guidance and development tips from likeminded members.

E-learning materials
(value incorporated in module price)

E-learning materials are provided to underpin your learning.  They include reading, listening and related comprehension and vocabulary exercises as well as communication tasks.


Each study group can get a free taster of our Managers’ Academy programme by attending a management development webinar of their choice at an agreed time during the fourteen-week period of their studying.




When should I join?

Here you will find a few scenarios in which we specifically recommend joining our Business English programme:

At the start of your career you’ll find that speaking English well in an international business environment can greatly support you in achieving your career goals. These days speaking English is an essential skill which gives you more recognition and creates more opportunities.
You may be a practising manager with several years of experience, but you may still feel that you’d need to learn some new terminology or expressions which have emerged recently in business communications. It is time you updated your vocabulary and knowledge!
You may have noticed the appreciative looks in the eyes of others during your university years when a fellow student expressed himself in English in a professional manner. If you also want to be distinguished for your skills and earn the praise of your friends, take part in our programme!
It may happen that in the midst of an important meeting you suddenly stop in mid flow because you can’t find the best word or phrase to express your thoughts. This may be because you haven’t refreshed your vocabulary and haven’t bushed up your communication skills for some time.

English is essential to survive when working abroad, – without a good knowledge of English in a strange environment you would feel like a fish washed ashore…  You need to prepare for such a major career move to make the most of it!


The next programme starts on Monday, 9th January 2023 and finishes on Friday, 7th April 2023

B1 (AM)
7:00 – 8:30
(CET time zone)
Monday & Wednesday

B2 (AM)
7:00 – 8:30
(CET time zone)
Tuesday & Thursday

B1 (PM)
18:00 – 19:30
(CET time zone)
Monday & Wednesday

B2 (PM)
18:00 – 19:30
(CET time zone)
Tuesday & Thur

B1 (AM):  9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CET Wednesday
B2 (AM):  9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CET Thursday
B1 (PM):  10:00 – 11:00 a.m. CET Wednesday
B2 (PM):  10:00 – 11:00 a.m. CET Thursday

Duration: 1 hour/person
8:00 – 12:00 a.m. CET
(subject to availability, prior registration required)

Select the level & time and type the course code in the 'Additional Information' box when registering

Individual one-to-one Business English sessions can also be obtained on request at a fee of EUR 24.99. Dates and times are to be determined.

The MSO Lead Business English Tutor

I am Adrienne Makkay-Chambers, a seasoned management consultant, international trainer and Business English teacher, – your Lead Tutor on the Management Skills Online Business English programme.

I am fully aware of your challenges and the barriers which you face, since I have helped hundreds of students and business partners overcome these during the past 25 years.

I have developed this programme to enable you to communicate more effectively, more fluently and with more confidence in any business situation, whether it involves negotiating with foreign counterparts, writing an e-mail, making a telephone call or giving a presentation in English.

As a result of improving your English through our programme, you will be able to multiply your chances of acquiring a better job and earning a better income!


Early Bird
Discount: 10%

COUPONS are available until 19th of December 2022 – three weeks prior to the start of the programme. Do not miss it!



The next programme starts on 9th January 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, it is a fully virtual programme conducted on a Zoom platform, – on registration you will be sent a link to access the sessions.

The programme is very interactive, as the purpose is to increase your confidence in communication. You will participate in plenary as well as small group/pair discussions in virtual breakout rooms, role play scenarios and solve case study problems jointly with the others. And, of courses, we’ll also play games to make the sessions even more enjoyable!

The learning material comprises a student book (the appropriate level textbook in the Business Result series, published by Oxford University Press) and the related e-learning support materials.  They include a wealth of relevant reading, listening, speaking and writing tasks and provide opportunities for participants to discuss a wide range of business topics.

The details of the textbook will be supplied once your level is identified after enrolment and you can order it online.  The cost of the textbook is not incorporated in the tuition fee.

It depends… We understand that adult professionals or university students are very busy people and, therefore, we don’t set any compulsory homework, but believe that you would certainly benefit from at least an hours’ revision before each session. You will find e-learning materials on our website which will help you revise and keep your knowledge fresh.
Of course, if you have other pressing matters, it’s not a problem if you miss a class, – you will be able to catch up with the group through the e-learning materials. However, in order to obtain a certificate of completion relating to the course, you’ll need to attend 80% of the sessions.
Our teachers are all experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language and Business English who also have a background in business or economics.
You can leave a message though the Contact Page of our website – you will receive a reply within 24 hours.
Yes, all those who complete the MSO Business English course and pass the related end-of-course test successfully will reveive a ’Certificate of Completion’.
Management Skills Online is a learning platform to help you achieve your professional goals more effectively by developing your skills in management and Business English.